Dress of Japanese specification for Barbie

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It is in Japan that producted the Barbie dolls and the outfits first. I am proud of it. The production of the Barbie dolls started in 1959. At postwar years of spectacular economic growth, middle-aged women in Japan made the doll in diligence. All of the dolls and the outfits were really wonderful. Especially some outfits for only Japanese market are very popular for Barbie collectors. Some of them were made of different fabrics from one in U.S. And I think that some of them were seen a childish design. It is very interesting.
I introduce some outfits. I think that they are Japanese specifications and I have owned them since I was a child. I am not certain of some of them that I could not find in any books. But they have old tags by Mattel. If you have detailed infomation, please inform me.

Japan variation of "Pak Sheaths"

Sheath Drass

"Sheath Sensation(#986)" sold at 1961 in U.S. used red color fabric. This outfit has various variations, one was made with dot print, and other one was made with flower print. They were called "On The Go" and sold on simple package. The fabric of my sheath is the cotton with white small flowers on blue. How many patterns they have ?

Doll : Barbie Ponytail #3 (about 1960)

Japan variation of "Garden Party"

Garden Party

"Garden Party(#931)" appeared from 1962 to 1963 had pink dot or flowers on white. "Garden Tea Party(#1606)" sold at 1964 had flower pattern on red color. My dress was made from the same pattern, but it has paisley pattern. I am not sure if the ribbon on waist is original.

Doll : Bubblecut Barbie (about 1961)

The outfit for Francie Doll

The outfit for Francie Doll

This outfit has the tag "FRANCIE 1965 Mattel". But I don't know its name and when it was made. I did not have any Francie doll when I was a child. And I did not know even her existence. So I have dressed this outfit to Barbie doll. I have no idea what this straw hat is. I think that it matches to this outfit. The hat has the decoration like bananas.

Doll : Francie bendable leg (about 1965)

The simple one piece dress

The simple one piece dress

In Japan at 1967, "Twist & Turn Barbie" were appeared with her name "Twist Barbie". I found the image of this outfit on the booklet attached to that doll. This outfit is very simple shape-line.

Doll : Twist & Turn Barbie

The mini dress

The mini dress

This was sold in Japan in the about latter half of 1960's. I have heard that it was not shown in any booklet. White collar and cuffs, it looks like one favorite of Japanese. I found this by the auction in Japan.

Doll : Talking Barbie

The border knit dress

The border knit dress

The Twist Barbie wore this dress in 1967 in Japan. The hat has been my favorite. A red shoulder bag was coordinated but I lost it.

Doll : Hair Fair Barbie