List of Web sites where you can see Barbie

I make a list of web sites about Barbie dolls. You can see more about Barbie, and have more fun! My site is link-free. If you would like to make a link with me, please let me know.

Mark Japanese Sites Mark

A great site for full of useful information.
A wonderful site by Yukinko. She is very kind and cute ! She loves Hawaii. You can find a infomation of the Barbie museum in Hawaii.
An excellent site by Mindie. Her hand-made cloths are glamorous.
The cafe BAR-B web site by Kako. This shop has held special events for Barbie lovers in Japan.
By Okami-12-go. Her personality is really cool and unique.
By mieko. She is a professional doll's fashion creater in Japan.
By monjirou. She sometime sells her hand-made dress for Barbie. She is one of my favorite dress-maker.
By tomtom. She loves the Barbie in 1980's. This site introduces the Licca doll and the Blythe doll.
By Yuka. She loves the mod era dolls. She is a cat person too.
By Chasuke. Her illustrations are nise and cute. She has the #1 Barbie and the #2 Barbie !
Barbie Collector The Barbie's official web site in Japan. We can find new line up dolls.

Mark USA Sites Mark A site for Barbie collectors. We can download a nice PC wallpaper on this site. Onlie shop, showcase, and etc. Buletin board(members only).
NiniMomo NiniMomo creations has created great custom dolls. A lot of custom dolls and beautiful photographs. The Barbie's official web site by Mattel. This site links for and Much fun.